Practical Spray Technology:

Fundamental and practice

... a book for problem solversPractical Spray Technology Book cover with spray nozzles


Thousands of industrial applications use spray nozzles and atomizers to achieve specific and critical results. Optimizing these systems has the potential to reduce your costs and improve your product quality.


Who Buys the Book?

This book is filled with practical advice for the person that needs to solve a spray issue quickly.  The structure allows you to find what you want and apply to resolve the problem.  The author’s years of experience spray nozzle and system consulting of providing practical insights into design and system questions.  For the readers that want to understand spray science and spray modeling these chapters describe in technical depth.

The five sections are:

  1. Introduction:
    • Spray nozzle classification based on energy
    • Overview of a few spray applications illustrating important spray features. spray pattern, liquid flux distribution and drop size
  2. Spray Fundamentals
    •  Spray characteristics
    •  Measurement of drop size
    •  Spray pattern
    •  Spray physics
    •  Spray modeling
  3. Spray Nozzles and Atomizers: One chapter for each nozzle type: single-fluid nozzle, two-fluid nozzle, flashing flow nozzle, ultrasonic atomizer and rotary atomizer
  4. Design considerations including reliability, selecting the best nozzle type, and operational considerations
  5. The appendix includes a glossary, a detailed nomenclature, and useful information, such as conversion factors and selected physical properties.

The 140 illustrations and photographs provide the reader visual explanations. Each chapter compactly communicates the most commonly applicable design method or equation.

Example calculations throughout the 15 chapters enable the reader to use the equations to solve some problems immediately.


Format: Hardback (Case binding) 6 by 9 inches

Pages 253 including index

Author: Charles W. Lipp
ISBN: 978-0-578-10090-6
Printed in the United States of America